Frequently Asked Questions

Scheduling & Payment

When is it best to schedule my car transport service?

We need a minimum of three days to properly schedule an auto pickup. The greater the lead time, the better for all parties for planning and scheduling purposes. Special requirements, such as enclosed transport, overseas shipments, rural pickup and delivery, lead times can be greater. Soldier Car Transport will be upfront and transparent on all pickup and delivery estimates. Our experienced team will go the extra mile to meet your time requirements.

What are the payment terms to transport my auto?

Soldier Car Transport accepts all major credit cards for transport deposits. Deposits will only be charged until after your auto is picked up. If there is a remaining balance due at delivery, you will pay the carrier directly via cash, certified check or money order.

Pickup & Delivery

Door to door service?

Yes, we offer door to door service. However, auto transport carriers can only deliver where it is legally possible and safe. Many residential areas have road restrictions as to the type of trucks that can deliver directly to your door. Further, car transport carriers are very careful in selecting which streets to drive on, to avoid hitting low hanging trees and other objects that could damage the cars they are hauling. This protects your vehicle and other loaded autos. Car transport carriers often look for a nearby parking lot, large enough for them to safely upload and unload autos.

Does someone have to be there to receive my car?

Yes, the carrier will pick-up and deliver to whoever you designate, whether it is you, a friend, or a dealer. There is no “power of attorney” necessary. Someone 18 and over needs to be present on both ends, origin and destination, to sign the bill of inspection.

How full should my gas tank be for shipment?

Your fuel tank needs to be approximately 1/4 full when you release it to the carrier. Slightly less than 1/4 full tank is fine. Carriers will charge extra if your car runs out of gas, so make sure there is enough gas to start and maneuver your auto.

What is the approximate delivery time for my vehicle?

There are number of variables to consider when calculating an estimated time of delivery such as location, route, and season. The average driver will travel around 400-500 miles per day. Further, the number of pickups, deliveries and the area traveling is important to factor. Soldier Car Transport will provide a solid estimate prior to loading, and keep you posted each day thereafter on the status of your delivery so you can plan accordingly.

Insurance & Damage

Is my car insured during transit?

Yes, your auto will be insured by the carrier assigned to your vehicle while in transit to its destination. All carriers carry both automobile and cargo insurance liability, which covers you in the event of an accident that causes damage to your car.

What happens if my car gets damaged?

If damage occurs, first it must be noted on the bill of inspection at delivery, and signed by you and the carrier. Take pictures. Having a camera on hand at delivery is important for proper documentation.Report all car damage issues to us within 24 hours after delivery.

Soldier Car Transport will provide the carrier’s insurance policy details to file a claim against their policy. We will assist you in every possible way to get the issue resolved.


Can I pack personal items in my auto for shipment?

We recommend you clean out the interior of your auto of unnecessary items prior to your car shipment. It protects both you and the carrier. There are some businesses that offer to load up 100 pounds of personal items, however we recommend you not load any personal items. The carrier will not be responsible for any damage to personal items loaded in your vehicle while in transit.

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