How to Ship Your Car Without a Title and What to Expect

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August 11, 2023

How to Ship Your Car Without a Title and What to Expect

Without a title, are you trying to ship a car? Shipping a vehicle without a title might be difficult, whether you lost it or acquired it without one. There are alternatives.

Everything you need to know about exporting an automobile without a title, including the expenses, timeline, and liability involved, will be covered in this post. You'll have a clearer idea of what to anticipate when exporting a vehicle without a title by the end of this article.


Car Shipping Alternatives Without a Title

For car shipping, especially interstate transportation, auto shipping businesses frequently demand a variety of paperwork. However, there are other ways to move a vehicle without a title:


How to Get a Duplicate Title

The DMV in the state where the car's previous title was issued will grant you a duplicate title. This will serve as evidence of ownership and streamline the transportation process.


Issuing a Bill of Sale

Some auto-shipping firms will accept a Bill of Sale as ownership documentation if you have one.


The Ownership Document

Other kinds of ownership documentation, such as vehicle registration or insurance papers, may be accepted by auto shipping businesses.


Car Shipping with a Bonded Title

A surety bond in the amount of the car's worth is required in some states in order to get a bonded title. This bond serves as both insurance and a means of shipping the automobile in case someone else makes a claim to ownership.


Transporting the Vehicle to a State with Laxer Regulations

Shipping an automobile without a title may be allowed in some areas due to laxer restrictions in particular jurisdictions. However, it is crucial to confirm the regulations in the state of destination before shipping the automobile.

Motives for Lacking a Title

Someone might not have a title for their car for a number of reasons. These justifications comprise the following:


Title That Has Been Lost Or Stolen

It may not be simple to ship the car if you buy it from someone who either has the title misplaced or refuses to give it to you. If the transfer is interstate, some transport companies might accept to move the car without a title, but others could need them legally.


Defaulting Liens on the Vehicle

If there are outstanding liens on the vehicle, the lienholder may keep the title until the obligation is settled. Before getting the title and a lien release in this situation, the owner must pay the debt.

How to Ship a Car Without a Title: What to Expect

Shipping a Car Without a Title: The Time and Money Expended

Transporting a vehicle without a title may also be more expensive and take longer. In order to make up for the increased risk, the auto transport firm may increase prices or ask for more insurance coverage if there are delays as a result of incomplete paperwork. As a result, it is crucial to carefully weigh the costs and hazards of exporting a car without a title and to take other options into account, as was previously mentioned.


What Would Happen If You Purchased The Car Without A Title?

When buying a car from the seller or without a title, delivery problems may arise. Depending on their needs and the law, certain shipping companies may ship the car without a title. Make touch with the seller to get the title before delivering the vehicle.

If that is not possible, the local DMV can provide a bonded title (with a surety bond attached). If the original title is missing, this option is available, however it may take sometime and interfere with transportation plans.

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August 11, 2023